Peter J Merrigan

Sunday 22nd January, 2017

+Peter J Merrigan

Lynch by Peter J MerriganLynch: OUT NOW!

Following the events in London 18 months ago, Kane Rider and Margaret Bernhard are now secured in Witness Protection and trying to move on with their lives. But although David is dead, his associates aren’t, and they won’t give up without a fight. And Ann Clark, the Interpol officer responsible for their safety, has a lot to contend with…

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    Rider: Out Now

    Rider by Peter J Merrigan

    Rider by Peter J Merrigan. With the death of his boyfriend, Kane Rider is thrust into a nightmare, chased for something he knows nothing about. With no time to grieve and no one to turn to, he has only one choice: survive or die.

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