The Camel Trail Cover Image

Peter J Merrigan

The story of a family on the edge, and another not far behind...

Sarah Catchpole was raped and beaten by her husband one too many times. When Frankie is sent to prison, Sarah and her young son, Kevin, flee London and start over in the sleepy town of Padstow, Cornwall.

They meet their new neighbours and their son, Martin, who is slowly dying from muscular dystrophy. He's almost wheelchair-bound but ever hopeful of being able to walk unaided the full length of The Camel Trail, an eleven-mile stretch of scenic path near the coast.

But when Frankie is released from prison and tracks them down, the hunt begins.

With Kevin and Martin missing, Sarah and Martin’s parents are plunged headlong into a fight for their boys’ survival and, ultimately, for their own redemption.

PUBLICATION DATE: Jun 14, 2017 (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 978-1548097493
Publisher: Nightsgale Books